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Train and Entertain Your Team with Our Team-Building Events

The days of boring team-building events are over! Please everyone with Segway Fun's team-building events in Huntersville, North Carolina. Our events exercise the same skills as typical team-building events, such as teamwork, communication, concentration and strategy. The difference is that we do it on 2 wheels—using an earth-friendly people mover that has everyone captivated. Our turnkey corporate entertainment means you just have to get your group to the event area. Pricing starts as low $87.50 per person with discounts available on group size.

Segway Fun Challenges
Everyone's a winner during a Segway Fun Challenge. After a brief training session by our Segway Fun professionals, your group is divided into teams that compete in relay races around a slalom course.  We have several variations and will match it to your groups size and goals. Let our group come and set up rides for your:

Client Outings



Company Picnics


Group Breakout Sessions

Relay Races
During relays, there are several roles team members rotate through, so everyone stays involved. You will also win, as your group members learn the skills they need to succeed on the job, including communication, planning, and teamwork skills. It's amazing how much they will learn in as little as 20 minutes! Our company will provide you with:

 • Segways • Helmets • Staff • Insurance • Relay Items

• Awards

Positive Reinforcement
A Segway Fun team building event will reinforce learned skills, as group members will associate what they learned with the exciting activity of riding a Segway. Team-building activities are flexible so we can accommodate groups of all sizes and time frames. We can also hold your event almost anywhere so we are your ideal all-weather team building solution.

Participants must be at least 14 years old and wear flat fitted full shoes. No open toed shoes, heeled shoes, or long skirts are allowed.

Sample Programs
Our format for Segway events is great for groups of 10 to 350 people. The schedule for each 1.5-hour program is:

0:00–0:05 Welcomes & Introductions
0:05–0:10 Group Divisions & Captain Election
0:10–0:15 Orientation and Safety Review
0:15–0:35 Practice
0:35–0:40 Q&A
0:40–1:00 Relay #1
1:10–1:30 Relay #2



Segway programs are customized for each client based on their group size, schedule alotment and location size.


People with Segways, Team Building Events in Huntersville, NC


People with Segways, Team Building Events in Huntersville, NC

Contact us at (704) 840-4306 in Charlotte, North Carolina, to schedule your team-building events.

"Absolutely professional and unique product. Segway Fun created a company outing that we are still talking about and high-fiving about."—Larry B.